Xbox One And PS4 Claimed To Be A Full Generation Ahead Of Current PC Gaming

Historically, PC gamers have lauded it over their console playing counterparts, claiming that their hugely expensive graphics cards are light-years ahead of the latest and greatest console hardware. It’s the way it’s always been, and it’s made it possible for some truly impressive PC gaming graphics.

Now though, with both Sony and Microsoft set to bring next generation hardware to market by year’s end, where do we stand with regards to its technological prowess when compared to the current crop of high-end gaming PCs?

If you happen to be connected to EA CTO Rajat Teneja on LinkedIn, then you’ve already got your answer after the former Microsoft man claimed that both the PS4 and Xbox One are ‘a generation ahead’ of the most powerful PC on the market. Bold claims indeed.

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One logo

In fact, Teneja couldn’t help himself from waxing lyrical about the power hiding beneath the hood of the next big thing to come to console gaming, with the increased power removing roadblocks that were there with previous generations.

The compute capabilities of these platforms and the data transfer speeds we can now bank on, essentially removes any notion of rationing of systems resources for our game engines.

It’s not just raw power, either. Teneja says that the new platforms mean that cross-device play is becoming more of a reality, which is nice considering Sony touted just that at its PlayStation 4 reveal. Cross-device gaming between a PS4 and a Sony Vita via the cloud promises to be one of the standout features of Sony’s next game console. It’s something that Microsoft cannot offer save some sort of connection with either Windows 8 or perhaps Windows Phone. Sony certainly seems to have the jump on the Redmond team in this regard at least.

PS4 trailer

Both the PS4 and Xbox One are slated for release later this year, some time around Christmas. There are sure to be changes in the PC gaming arena between now and then, but EA’s CTO seems more than happy with his lot this generation regardless.

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