Xbox LIVE Gold Coming Soon To A Windows Phone 7 Device Near You! [VIDEO]

Microsoft’s online multiplayer gaming service Xbox LIVE’s subscription-based membership “Gold” is coming to Windows Phone 7 soon, Redmond Pie has learned.


The news comes from WPSauce. In an interview, Peter Orullian (Group Product Manager, Xbox division) let it slip that Xbox LIVE Gold is indeed coming soon to Microsoft’s WP7 platform.

The Gold-only features on the phone right now, there are just a few of those. We are working and ideating on what could kind of additional things could be part of Gold-value when you get onto the phone. We’re not announcing anything about that at this particular show. So what that means is today if you create an account and have a Live account, everything pretty much that we have available is available to you on the phone. There are a few things like the ability to text, do messaging through Live for Gold members – that’s a Gold feature. Some of the editorials that we will make exclusive to Gold members through the spotlight channel, there is some value for Gold members there. There are some things we’re thinking about but that I can’t tell you today.

Currently, there isn’t much of a difference between Xbox LIVE Silver/Gold members on Windows Phone 7. Both get the same set of features and priority, however with Mango, Microsoft will be bringing Xbox LIVE Gold-only features. In the interview, Orullian mentioned features like the ability to message other members and having access to exclusive editorials which, well, don’t really sound like something I’d pay $50 per year for.

We are unclear at the moment regarding the exclusive features, but once can expect features like real-time multiplayer gaming (as opposed to leaderboards), discounts, exclusive betas, demoes and full game trials etc.

Microsoft has already detailed some of the changes on their way for the Games Hub in Mango. Some of these changes include Avatar Awardables which lets your avatar wear special items you win by unlocking achievements in different games, Games Add-ons which allow users to purchase in-game items using Microsoft Points and Parental Controls so that concerned parents can keep games like Splinter Cell: Conviction away from little Johnny.

Would you pay extra for Xbox LIVE Gold to get access to exclusive features on your Windows Phone 7 device? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook. we look forward to hearing from you!

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