Xbox 360 Gains Additional USB Storage Capacity In Latest Update, Now Supports 32GB

Microsoft is certainly not shy about updating the software that powers its Xbox 360. They’ve even gone so far as to completely change the interface that gamers find themselves living in when using their game console, adding new features and changing how the whole experience works. They’ve even been known to add or alter features that are a little more obscure, too.

It appears this was the case with the latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update. Not content with all the well documented features, Microsoft also added on less well publicized feature that could prove to be a real boon for some. So much so, we’re surprised it hasn’t been mentioned before now.

Anyone who uses a USB storage device as a memory card on their Xbox 360 will be interested to know that they can now use larger, higher capacity devices without their console moaning about it. Previously, the storage limit was set at 16GB, but post-update, the Xbox 360 now supports storage devices up to and including 32GB. While 64GB would certainly be nice, we’re not going to complain!

The ability to use external, USB storage devices to save game data and profiles is a great way of taking your Xbox 360 presence with you, meaning you’re never tied to one machine. If you’ve got one Xbox 360 in your man cave and another under the TV in your main living space, then using a USB storage device means you’ll have minimum problems when you’re kicked off the main TV by your wife the next time X-Factor is on! C’mon, we’ve all been there!

Xbox Home

Other well known additions in the latest Xbox 360 update include a version of Internet Explorer 10 and a simplified version of the existing Metro interface. All in, the update is an impressive one that adds another lick of paint to an already slick interface, while adding features along the way. Not bad for a machine that’s getting a little long in the tooth, but continues to do the business in the fun department.

Now, can we have the next Xbox confirmed soon please, Mr. Ballmer?

(via Joystiq)

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