Winners of Windows Vista Ultimate and XP Professional

Last month we ran a small contest in which we asked our readers to design a bootscreen for the next version of Windows. The contest ran for a month in which Windows Vista Ultimatewe received 44 designs from 7 different readers.

We promised to reward a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate to the user who designed the best bootscreen.

We have chosen Laguardia’s designs as our winner who designed 29 different bootscreens for Windows 7 and so will receive a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate. You can check out the designs here.

We also promised to give away a free copy of Windows XP Professional to a random user who simply had to comment about what he or she liked or disliked about Windows Vista. The lucky winner of Windows XP Professional is Niclas Lindgren.

Many congrats to the winners. They have been notified about this on their email address.

We will be running another similar contest in September. Stay tuned here for any updates on the next contest!

P.S. Happy birthday to me 🙂