Windows Live App with Bing for Windows Phone

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Live for Windows phones running Windows Mobile Professional and Standard operating systems. This new version 10.7.0061.0500.2000 brings lots of new changes which includes new and improved UI which is finger friendly, Bing search bar, complete integration of Windows Live Home and lots more. I have installed it on my HTC HD2 and so far the experience has been quite satisfying.

Windows Live for Windows Phone

Here is a quick look at the Windows Live app for Windows phone with screenshots.

WL for Windows phone New icon for Messenger which matches with the latest version of desktop version of WLM for Windows.

WL for Windows phone New and improved home screen with Windows Live Wave 3 header on top, links to Windows Live Home, Messenger, Hotmail and Bing search bar at the bottom.

WL for Windows phone WL for Windows phone
 WL for Windows phone WL for Windows phone
Windows Live Home Integration: You can now check out what’s new within your Windows Live network, Browse photos with option to upload and comment, People and more..

WL for Windows phone WL for Windows phone
WL for Windows phone WL for Windows phone
UI of Messenger App has been tweaked slightly to make it more finger friendly.

This latest version of Windows Live app for Windows phones isn’t up on Windows Marketplace yet, you’ll either have to grab it directly from Microsoft Download Center here, or by browsing to via web browser on your phone. [hat tip robmargel via twitter!]

UPDATE: As correctly pointed out by some of our readers, most of the new features highlighted above were first introduced in the last version of the app which was released back in November 2009. Except for a few bug fixes, this version is almost exactly similar to the previous version.

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