What If Mobile App Icons Looked Like This?

On the other side of the world, where we often meet ourselves, is an array of mobile app icons that can be brutally honest to you if you give it a chance. Icons help you quickly identify one app from the other, but what tells you what that app is really meant for, or what their existence means to you and your mobile device. As I eerily tread borderline ‘cuckoo’, I’ll ask you if you believe in any stereotype characterizations for some of the famous smartphone apps out there.

Doghouse Diaries seems to have had a go at spreading the word on what the icons for some of these apps should be saying to the user. We find out, after the jump!

iOS 8 icons

Honestly, WhatsApp dropping the ‘Last Seen’ status was the best thing since, MSN Messenger’s offline status. Almost a year back, the WhatsApp icon should have been screaming the “They see you” caption, now, they just don’t care.

So, in the world of Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook seemed to be doing its own thing with its integrated messaging feature. Until the day, it came alive and pretty much “became its own app“. So now you have another app, insisting that you get back to your friends. Not convinced, let’s have it for Chat Heads!

Oh Snapchat, it truly was amusing till, well, 4chan happened and it was suddenly not so great. What have you got to say?

Twitter! The app where everyone knows everyone who knows someone everyone knows. Basically, not for the socially insecure.

As for LinkedIn, everyone may think they know you, but that does go both ways.

There’s nothing like the sweet ol’ sound of  a “Taco Bell fans are passionate about music” car ad in Pandora, just when you’ve really gotten your groove on with Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’.

Vine, is rightly the six seconds of your life that you just won’t get back again, but you can relive why you’re so funny again and again, till it really sinks in.

App icons

Have any more apps that you believe have been stereotyped, and can offer some sarcastic point of view on its existence and subservience to its master? Do share with us in the comments section below!

(via: Gizmodo)

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