Video Claims To Show iPhone 8 In Powered On State For The First Time

It’s now just a week until Apple will be announcing the iPhone 8, or indeed the iPhone Edition, depending on which story you pay attention to this week, and the rumors continue to fly as to what the new phone will do and what it will look like.

We have seen photos and videos of the device in various states of undress, and while the vast majority of those leaks have involved dummy models, there have been the odd ones that appear to include the real deal. Today marks the first time we have seen what is claimed to be a fully functioning device though, and while it is just a few seconds long, this may be our fist glimpse of an iPhone 8 powered on.

We say may, because there are plenty of question marks surrounding the video itself. Right off the bat we have to wonder about its authenticity given the fact that at no point do we see the physical device itself. The video has been taken in such a way that the display is all that we can see, and while that may just be something that was unavoidable due to lighting conditions, it does seem to be a little fortuitous in that it means we cannot easily say whether this video is legitimate or not.

What we do see in the video is a smartphone running what appears to be iOS 11 designed for iPhone 8. An app is launched with the display blurred to ensure no personally identifiable information can be seen. We do however see that notch at the top of the display where the camera and sensors live, with battery and data indicators to one side and the clock to the other. Everything appears just as we might expect.

However, we do need to remind everyone that this could very easily be an Android device running a custom launcher that has bene made to look like iOS 11. It is also possible that the notch at the top of the display is being added by software here. If we really want to get into the weeds, we suppose the phone being used could even be an Essential Phone as it too has a notch similar to the unannounced iPhone. At this point, we simply do not know, but with the real deal set to be announced in a few days time, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Soon enough, we’ll get to see the iPhone 8/iPhone Edition for real and we can get ready for the next round of rumors next year!

(via: Reddit)

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