Two Kinect Units Are Better Than One: 3D Video Recording to Knock You Off Your Senses [VIDEO]

Two heads are better then one and the same can be applied to two Kinect units. Now what good sort of gaming quality would the two Kinect units provide when paired together is another story but Oliver Kreylos has paired them for a different purpose. Kreylos released a video recently demonstrating the two paired Kinects, the output being meshed to add a different dimension to Microsoft’s gaming device.


Apparently when the two are made to work together to create 3D video, although Kreylos had already demonstrated the same with a single Kinect earlier but this one is slightly better. From the video you can see that the two devices combined help create a dotted pattern and better still control the camera position to record his hand gestures between the two Kinect devices. All this controlling is real time and is impressive.

Many of our readers would think or complain about the poor quality and the black spots and holes. Well first this is definitely a very rough attempt and the purpose is only to show that this 3D recording can be done using Kinect. Secondly the holes and spots you see are blotches left due to one Kinect’s IR pattern affecting the recording of the second. However when the two frames are combined it results in a more complete image since the empty spots from one are overlapped by the second.

I am guessing that over time this will see some big improvement. You can watch Kreylos’ previous 3D recording using a single Kinect device in the video embedded below.

[via Engadget]

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