Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into A Business Card Courtesy MOO, First 200,000 Customers Get Free Cards

For those who aren’t familiar with the world of online printing, MOO is an award winning print business who happens to exist on the internet. The company is an internet startup who received $5 million of funding in 2006 after being backed up by Index Ventures, Atlas Ventures and the Accelerator Group, but have since had no further requirement for further investment.


The company was founded on the principal that design is key, and this philosophy plays a key role in everything that the company does. The company’s vision of "great design for everybody", by their own admission, is simple but ambitious, but by looking at their products; certainly seems to be achievable.

So, MOO have proved to be a successful company with a loyal customer base, but where does the Facebook link fit into all of this? The relationship seems to have been born out of chance, after a Facebook employee, who happened to be an enthusiastic MOO customer, contacted Moo CEO Richard Moross about a potential partnership.

The partnership involves the deep integration of the new Facebook Timeline features, giving users the ability to create a social business card complete with the photo / image on the card with a quote or saying on the reverse. The privilege of having these social business cards in your repertoire will set you back $15, but to celebrate the collaboration, MOO are giving away fifty cards each to the first 200,000 customers.


Speaking directly from Facebook, spokesperson Jillian Stefanki says “The MOO.COM integration makes it possible for people to take the Timeline experience with them offline.” At present, MOO is the only company partnered with Facebook in this venture, which will undoubtedly serve to not only promote the new Timeline experience but also catapult the printing company onto a more international level as the majority of their revenue comes from U.S-based orders.

The original MOO vision was built upon being able to provide a social business card, attempting to connect the online and offline worlds together so it seems a quirky turn of events that have led the company to be involved in this venture. The company also has the ability to print millions of cards each day and has experience of delivering these cards to over 200 countries.

With opinions on the new Facebook Timeline being mixed, it is difficult to see what consumer reaction to this product will be. Needless to say, I am pretty sure those 10 million free cards will be snapped up right away. Head over to this link and get yours now before its too late!

(via TechCrunch)

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