Tunable For iOS And Android Is An All-In-One Music Toolkit For Musicians [VIDEO]

Learning to play a new instrument, particularly if you’ve never familiarized yourself with anything like it before, can be a little daunting. But the Web is a vast library of learning resources, and now, it only takes an Internet connection and access to a decent app, video or tutorial in order to get started. The very first thing one must master – particularly when using a stringed instrument – is tuning; and although it can be a tricky process, it’s also essential for getting a good feel of the instrument. Tunable, an app for iOS and Android, not only wants to make tuning just that little bit easier, but with a very beautiful interface, users can also marvel at the stunning visuals produced during the process. More details and download links right after the jump!

Of course, while Tunable is a nice leg-up for those fledgling musicians just starting out, it’s also a great app for those more accomplished players, will deliver effective results accurate to 1/100 of a cent. It houses the ability, right off the bat, to transpose notes to any instrument, and includes a native tone generator and metronome.


The tone generator is great for either playing or maintaining notes or chords, and will help you quickly master the difficult task of leveling out pitch and intonation. Meanwhile, the metronome offers a beautiful numeric display, which flashes on each downbeat and in turn accentuates the overall visual quality of the app.


Developer AffinityBlue is steadily building an intriguing portfolio of aesthetically pleasing, musically-orientated apps, but unlike the whimsical NodeBeat, which was more a fun, adventurous way of creating random background tunes to the gorgeous visuals, Tunable is rather a highly accurate, highly responsive tuning facility.

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Encouragingly, it’s also cheap. At $0.99 on either iOS or Android, you can’t really complain, and whether you’re a veteran musician or just dipping your feet into the water, Tunable is a handy app to have at your disposal.

(Source: Tunable Instrument Tuner for iPhone / Android)

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