This Vision Pro Review Is Like No Other [Video]

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset has been on sale for a few days now and we’ve seen plenty of reviews showing it off in a variety of different ways.

Most of the reviews have taken viewers for a tour of the headset, its features, and what you get in the box. And then videographer and vlogger Casey Neistat came along.

Neistat has a reputation for making videos and vlogs that are very different from those that others create, so it should perhaps be no surprise that his Vision Pro review is like no other. In it, we see Neistat wear his Vision Pro in a variety of unlikely situations including riding public transport, winding down public roads, and more. And the whole thing is entertaining, but it’s also informative — because Neistat had an epiphany, as noted by 9to5Mac.

After a couple of hours of running around the streets of New York as i did, not in a controlled environment, my brain sort of clicked and it just forgot that I was looking through cameras and screens, and it just took what it saw as reality.

Neistat went on to say that he imagines the Vision Pro to be the future of competing with the moment coming to him as he “was sitting there in Time Square on a bench, strangers all around me, the real world moving all around me, but I had like a big screen up where I was watching a Mr Beast video, and then over here I had this keyboard that I could interact with, and over here I had my iMessages, and over here I had my AppleTV. And then all my apps.”

Of course, Apple doesn’t necessarily want people walking around wearing their Vision Pro like this, but using it on a park bench or just outside the home definitely does work. Be sure to check out the video to see what Neistat got up to and decide for yourself whether the Vision Pro is for you.

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