This Tweak Doubles Status Bar Height For Banner Notifications, Makes Us Wonder Why Apple Didn’t Make It In The First Place

Jailbreak tweaks and apps provide an easy (and usually safe) way to enhance your experience with an iOS device. There are two types of jailbreak apps: ones that add something on top of an included feature or others that bring all new features that improve user experience in a way never imagined before. The awesome tweak we’ll be talking in this post belongs to the former category. Check it out after the jump.

Created by respected jailbreak apps developer cjori (known for Dashboard X), CoverMeNot is a tweak that improves banner notifications. What it does is simple: instead of having the banner notifications roll on top of whatever app you’re currently using, it pushes the currently used app down. The effect is exactly like the way iOS handles persistent banner notifications for background activities like voice calls and voice recordings.

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It’s a subtle change, but its effect on your user experience is actually pretty significant. Now, important navigation buttons in an app won’t be covered whenever I receive a banner notification.

This is the sort of tweak that makes us go, “Why didn’t Apple make banner notifications work this way in the first place?” Maybe, just maybe they follow the jailbreak scene and include a similar UI for banner notifications in the final version of iOS 6 (which is currently in beta stage).

Photo 7-8-12 6 54 14 PM

The status bar turns blue before and after the notification is shown

As it makes changes to the way the operating system works, you will have to jailbreak your iOS device. All the latest iOS devices can be jailbroken on iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe.

CoverMeNot is available for the amazing price of absolutely nothing. It can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo over on Cydia. Installing it doesn’t add any settings option or an app icon.

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