This Smartphone Case Can Detect If You Have A Heart Problem

As consumers of mobile tech products, we’re often focused on features like resolution, camera capabilities and processors, but while strong tech. specs enable us to enjoy a better overall experience with apps and games, the technology at our disposal could also serve as guardians of our health and wellbeing. Given the smartwatch boom and the introduction of several fitness-related initiatives right from the top, we’re going to be seeing a lot more emphasis on this particular sector, and although the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 already include basic-level heart rate monitoring systems, a new $200 case can gather such intricate details that it’s able to diagnose a number of heart conditions.

We don’t need to check the stats to know that heart-related ailments kill more folks worldwide than any other, and as such, none of us can afford to be complacent about heart health. Keeping the ticker ticking over should be a priority of everybody, no matter how young, fit or healthy they may seem, and while a regular venture to the doctor is a good way to keep abreast of general health, many conditions can afflict sufferers with few or no symptoms.

Heart beat case

Recognizing this, AiveCor has just come through with a very promising product called the AFib Detector, which is not only capable of picking up a variety of different ailments, but is also an affordable purchase at just $199. It has been given the green light from the FDA to be used both professionally and by end users, and with support for both Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android, is accessible to a large portion of the smartphone community.


The AFib Detector is attached to your device, picking up ultrasonic signals from your chest and beaming the data straight through to the accompanying app. It doesn’t use Bluetooth, but rather the device’s microphone, and information generated is available immediately.


The best thing about the entire product is that if you do fear that all’s not well with your ticker, you can send the info over to a cardiologist of physician for an expert opinion.

Sure, it’s not an out-and-out solution, and if you do still suspect a problem, the AFib Detector is not fool-proof. But it’s a very accurate, convenient means of checking heart health, and even though the cost is very reasonable, health is one of those commodities that shouldn’t have a price tag.

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