This Smart ‘Apple Mirror’ Is The Biggest Thing To Happen To Mirrors Since Mirror [Video]

Apple is always looking for new markets to enter, and that’s probably best displayed by the countless rumors that are constantly floated around about the different products being worked on deep inside the company’s many offices. That said, maybe there is one product which few companies are working on and is ripe for the cornering of a market; mirrors.

Yes, that’s right, mirrors. Just bear with us here, we were pretty bewildered as well.


Our thinking comes after we spied an interactive mirror which was built to closely resemble iOS 10, making it look like a big, reflective iPad of sorts. The operating system, of which we know little, has been heavily skinned to look like iOS although it does still have some desktop-class tropes that make us think some flavor of Linux lies beneath.

Whatever it is, there’s functionality there with which to play – owners of this mirror would be able to order a Uber, watch movies, browse the web and even send and receive text messages. You’re not going to be using it for work or even play, but if you had a need for sending a quick message whilst getting ready in the morning, this mirror would be perfect for the job.

Design includes the time and date in the upper right hand corner and weather in the top left. All apps can be moved around and placed anywhere on the mirror. After 45 seconds of inactivity the mirror goes to sleep (appears as any ordinary mirror), simply tap anywhere to wake back up and resume use.


Created by designer Rafael Dymek, the ‘Apple Mirror’ looks the part and would certainly not look out of place in any modern, technological home. Don’t expect to be able to buy one any time soon though – we don’t think this will find its way into production. At least not yet, which is sad. Apple please take notice.

Check out the Apple Mirror in action in the video embedded below and let us know what you think about the contraption and if you would want to welcome it into your life?

(Source: dymekraf [YouTube])

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