This Mod For HTC One X Adds Extra Music Enhancement Profiles In Addition To Beats Audio

Music and mobile devices invariably go hand in hand these days. I can’t remember the last time I walked down the street or got on some public transport and didn’t see an individual with an iOS or Android powered smartphone with their headsets on listening to music. The accelerated development of smartphones over the last decade or so has drastically changed the way we see our phones, and apart from making phone calls, they are our everyday media powerhouses.

I generally find that when it comes to music on the move, you get two types of people. I fall into the category of enjoying music but not really worrying too much about things like sound quality and therefore the default device settings and any old set of headphones will do for me. On the other hand, you get the true music lovers, who appreciate ultimate sound quality and playback and therefore are willing to spend a lot of money on music-based apps and expensive headphones like the extremely popular Beats By Dr. Dre. The need for great sound from mobile devices has resulted in companies like HTC integrating the Beats Audio technology into their handsets, but has also spawned the development of a plethora of sound enhancements for Android devices.

We’ve seen numerous examples of apps and Android modifications that allow sound and system settings to be changed and enhanced, with a lot of these changes actually applying across the whole system rather than just when music is being played. If you happen to be an HTC One X owner then the new MusicBox 3 mod could potentially be something that interests you, especially if premium sound quality is what you’re after. The mod comes courtesy of the Android sound master lyapota and offers the described functionality in an easy-to-implement way.

When installed on the HTC One X, MusicBox basically gives users the ability to have greater control over their sound profiles in order to tweak the quality that they receive. As part of the modification, lyapota has offered users the ability to have global control over HTC sound features and even brings a number of non-global effects. In addition, the tweak lets users select a different Beats profiles for an attached wired headset as well as being able to fully control sound effects.

beats enhancement

Although a very powerful sound-based mod, it is always worth remembering that if you intend to use MusicBox, it actually changes the framework internally and therefore it is essential to perform a backup before flashing. Check out the original developer post for more information about the modification.

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