PowerCam Is A Powerful Photo Taking And Image Editing Tool For iPhone That Comes With A Plethora Of Filters And Features

If you find yourself growing tired of the native Camera app which Apple bundles with the iPhone and iPod touch, then it may be time to rifle through the App Store and find an alternative that better suits your needs. Camera+ is one extremely popular option, bur those who want to step away from the more mainstream and accepted alternatives, then the future could be PowerCam. The name of the app pretty much gives away what the developers have tried to achieve with this app and you have to hand it to them for building an all singing all dancing piece of photography-based kit.

I haven’t extensively researched every single app in the same class on the App Store so I can’t confirm if it is strictly true, but PowerCam claims to be the only app in the store that comes bundled with Color Splash, Tilt-Shift and Panorama features that also allows the user to add real-time effects to their images and videos. The benefit of this is that the app owner can actually view what their photographs or capture videos will look like with the filter or effect applied before they actually shoot their intended target or scene.


As well as being able to instantly capture images with filters applied, PowerCam offers sixty impressive standard effects, as well as additional sixty unique fun effects that truly make the image seem like a work of art. One downside of this is that the user has a boatload of choice and you will often find yourself flipping through the filters while looking at your target before finally settling on the one you like best or that suits the scene. The obligatory and powerful social sharing features are also bundled with the app, with the ability to share works of art directly to social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as uploading videos to a YouTube account.


Apart from the fact that PowerCam comes with a great deal of versatility and powerful feature-sets, it also has a fairly attractive user-interface that presents an appealing first impression to the user. With that said, it can be initially difficult to actually work out where certain features are in a rather mixed interface flow, so it is worth investing the time on first use to find out how everything is put together and where your favorite effects are found. PowerCam is a free of charge download that has the option of a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock certain power features.

(Source: PowerCam for iPhone and iPod touch on App Store)

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