This Kinetic iPhone Battery Pack Offers ‘Shake To Charge’ Facility [VIDEO]

As my colleague recently pointed out, decent battery retention in a mobile device is perhaps at more of a premium than ever before. We love all the new and exciting features arriving with each and every updated revision, but keeping the thing running for more than a few hours at a time can be something of an uphill battle. The Infinity Cell kinetic charger is an iPhone battery pack with a twist, as it uses your body’s natural movements to generate the power, meaning you don’t need to be repeatedly hooking your handset to the mains in order to keep it juiced up.

As much as I admire the thought process behind crowdsourcing organizations such as Kickstarter, I also love the way they seem to inspire individuals or groups to innovate. Since its inception, Kickstarter in particular has brought hundreds ideas to the technological fore, most notably the Pebble Smartwatch, and as far as fun, useful gadgetry goes, the Infinity Cell is about as good as it gets.


The patent pending technology created by Ideation Designs takes the rulebook and throws it out of the window, and whereas nearly every portable charging solution on the planet requires, at some point, connection to a plug socket, the Infinity Cell uses shaking movements to keep your iPhone charged up.

Although it sounds like a one-way ticket to infinite battery life, it’s not all plain sailing. Thirty minutes of constant shaking will increase the reading on your iPhone’s juice-o-meter by around 20%, meaning you’d need to be shaking for a solid 150 minutes, or two-and-a-half hours, to achieve a full battery. In that respect, carrying a wall charger perhaps doesn’t sound so taxing after all.


But hey, we really should be pressing on with these forward-thinking, earth-saving technologies, and for innovation, resourcefulness and practicality, Infinity Cell gets all three stars. Check out the project’s Kickstarter video below for more:

As well as posing a potential life-saver when you’re stranded and faced with that dreaded logo of emptiness, it’s also the most organic way to charge your iPhone. Unfortunately, it only currently supports the iPhone 4 / 4S, but with Ideation having filed the patent for this entire idea, you can bet that if the $155,000 target fund is met, versions for the iPhone 5 and beyond will follow thereafter.

If you want to jump aboard the Infinity Cell bandwagon, please check out its Kickstarter page and make your pledge.

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