This Is The Best iPhone 4 KIRF, Running Android With iOS 4.x Skin [VIDEO]

Apple’s iPhone 4 is pretty much accepted by all to be the best smartphone when it comes to industrial design. Say what you want about Apple’s closed ecosystem, iOS and relationship with developers but you can’t knock that beautiful handset.

As yet, no Android – or any other for that matter – smartphone can come close to the iPhone 4’s hardware, and that’s one of the complaints often leveled at Google’s platform. Even the Samsung Galaxy S series, which until recently was considered a premium handset, suffers from a plastic feel. If only we could have a combination of Android’s customization and Apple’s hardware.

That’s where the latest iPhone 4 clone comes into play. Brought to us by GooApple, this iPhone 4 look-alike sports the exact same hardware form-factor as the real deal with a frame measuring just 9.3mm in thickness.

Inside, the GooApple 3G sports some form of Qualcomm CPU, a 3.5" touch screen (presumably not of Retina Display quality) and a 5mp rear shooter. No mention about a front-facing camera, though the video does show what appears to be one.

WiFi and GPS are also present and correct, just like the real thing.

The Android operating system has been heavily skinned to look and feel just like Apple’s iOS, and they’ve done one hell of a job if the video is anything to go by. It’s an impressive feat indeed, and the illusion is only broken when Android’s tell-tale window shade notification drawer is pulled down from the top of the screen.

Now, we’ve seen plenty of iPhone knock-offs in our time at Redmond Pie, but the GooApple 3G sure does look to be the best thus far – assuming you can get past that ridiculous name!

Unfortunately the GooApple web site doesn’t tell us when the phone will be available, or indeed how much it will cost but we’re going to do our best to get our hands on one to test.

{Source: GSMArena}

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