This iPhone 6 Concept Features A Transparent Display, 10MP Camera, A7 Processor And More [IMAGES]

As if we’ve been short of future-gen iPhone concept ideas of late, German designer Eric Huismann has once again explored the idea of a transparent display in his ‘iPhone 6’ design. The very slick looking device is 17% thinner than the already svelte iPhone 5, packs a 10-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, and an upgraded A7 processor. Feel free to drool over the images after the break!

The display measures in at four inches, the same as the current iPhone 5, but that is where the similarities pretty much grind to a halt. There’s a see-through display – something many Apple fans have (somewhat bemusingly) alluded to in concept designs of times passed – but on this particular design, I think it does enhance the overall elegance of the device. As well as, of course, looking great, the transparency could also have many practical uses, particularly in the field of navigation, exploration and augmented reality in general.


While the entire span of the display is completely transparent, the top and bottom areas remain opaque, with all of the hardware features meticulously squeezed into these very tiny compartments. Among them is an A7 processor for "even better" performance, and that 10-megapixel snapper offering full-HD video recording.

The design has an almost double-sided effect, and although we’re accustomed to seeing the Apple logo just above center on the exterior of the iPhone, this concept shows what it may look like if pushed right up to the top. While purists may baulk at this change in formation, I actually think it looks rather good at such a dizzy new height, and overall, I’d have to say this design is a winner.


Will Apple be bringing anything like this anytime soon? Highly unlikely; but some of the ideas presented by Huismann are very encouraging.

Back on planet earth, the next Apple iPhone is expected to take on a very similar (if not identical) form factor to the current flagship, with its marquee feature being a fingerprint sensor as opposed to a transparent display. Accompanying the next-gen iPhone is purported to be a low-end / entry-level device to help Apple widen its appeal to developing markets and those with less extravagant budgets.

Still, we’ve taken a bit of a shining to this design, and would love to know what you make of Huismann’s efforts. Please do drop your comments – as ever – via the usual mediums below.

iPhone 6

(source: Facebook | via: Thanks, Marco for the hat tip!

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