This Gizmo Lets You Unlock Your Door Using Your iPhone [VIDEO]

The advances in technology mean the boundaries of what we can expect to achieve are constantly being tested, and while our smartphones and tablets are already capable of things we could only have dreamed of five or six years ago, it seems the creative folk among us aren’t content to rest on their laurels.

Now, when Siri first arrived a year ago, techies tapped into its power by utilizing it to start cars and such, and following on from that ethos, enter the Lockitron, a novel peripheral which allows you to unlock doors using only your smartphone.


Created by Apigy, Lockitron has been around for quite a while now, but a recent update to the technology has taken things up a notch or two. Much like iOS 6’s Passbook is supposed to lessen the need for pocket-filling vouchers, tickets, passes and such, Lockitron reduces the incessant requirement to pull physical keys from your pocket, and as well as utilizing Bluetooth 4 or NFC to unlock your door as you tip-toe towards it, you can also unlock the passage to your lair from anywhere in the world.

Lockitron 2

Costing $149, the paired device sits atop your current bolted configuration, and as well as providing the aforementioned functions, it can also be tuned to detect a knock. Moreover, if you’re away from home frequently and don’t wish to continually man the door, you can set Lockitron to grant access to certain individuals by adding their e-mail or cellphone number to the “whitelist.”

You’ll get push notifications every time your door is opened (should you so wish), thus any unauthorized access will be sent your way, and if you don’t remember allowing anybody to squat at your house, then you’ll quickly be able to deal with the intruders.

Lockitron 3

If you’re interested by the idea of Lockitron (no less because of its insanely-geeky inclinations), then you can preorder now by heading to this link. The first batch will become available as of March 2013, and judging by the current backing for Lockitron’s Kickstarter-esque push, it looks as though consumers are falling over each other to give the revamped system a try.

Will you be joining in? Please do share your thoughts via the usual mediums below!

(via Mashable)

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