This App For iPhone Lets You Take Photos Automatically While Pretending To Be Calling Somebody

Whether it’s a guy taking a leak right on the roadside, your little children doing something you want to capture (but don’t want them to be distracted) or just popular celebrity you’ve spotted and want to take a photo of to sell to online blogs but don’t want to look like the paparazzi, we’ve all faced situations where you’ve wanted to take a photograph but the situation was far too awkward to take out your camera. Well, it turns out that there’s an app for that. Check it out after the jump!


Developed by James Skidmore, SneakyPix is an app for iPhone that lets you take photos and record videos without blowing your cover.

It works in a very simple manner. You launch the app, silence your phone, tap Capture Photos and then pretend you’re on the phone with someone while the app takes high resolution photos / videos in the background. All photos taken using SneakyPix are saved to your Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Photo 8-27-12 9 47 31 PM

There are multiple options available to customize the way SneakyPix takes photos. You can change the resolution of the photos (higher the resolution, lower the speed), the number of photos to take (from 1 to as many as it takes to run down the battery), set your phone to vibrate every time it snaps a photo and, the most important feature of all, change the cover up screen.

Photo 8-27-12 8 14 05 PM

The fake screen (left) vs. custom screen (right)

By default, the cover up screen shows you talking to Jordan Smith on the network SPIX.  Not only does it use slightly different icons It also shows text saying double tap to stop and this is not a real call which is quite risky. The app comes with the ability to show a black screen, camera screen and even lets you use an image of your choice.

It’s the last option that I found to be tremendously useful. I took a screenshot of my iPhone making a real call to a real number and used that in SneakyPix. Now it is near near risk-free!

SneakyPix comes as highly recommended to those of you who like to take photos without looking like they’re taking photos. It costs just $0.99. Check it out from the link below:

Download SneakyPix for iPhone [iTunes Link]

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