The Results Are In, Apple Tops Microsoft In Quarterly Sales, Profits

Microsoft today released its Q3 2011 financial results and they’re good with the numbers beating those expected by all the analysts with net income reaching a staggering $5.23billion.

Despite these results however, Apple has managed to beat them with regards to profit, as noted by TechCrunch’s MG Siegler.

Last October, despite Apple pulling ahead in revenue, the profit gap was about $1.1 billion in Microsoft’s favor. Last quarter, that gap was down to roughly a $600 million. And now, rather remarkable, it’s over $700 million in the other direction — a $1.3 billion swing in just one quarter. And you can probably expect that trend to continue.

When it comes to revenue, Apple is firmly in the lead too with $24.6 billion compared to Microsoft’s not-to-be-sneezed-at $16.43 billion – staggering numbers no matter which way you slice it.

Oh how things have changed in just a few short years. With Apple posting record sales figures quarter after quarter, the Cupertino outfit shows no sign of letting up while Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is proving to be a similar story to the company’s older Windows Mobile – namely uninspiring. Perhaps their new partnership with Nokia will help things along in this regard.

No matter which side of the Apple-Microsoft divide you might fall on you have to admit, both companies know how to make money!

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