The Best Slim / Thin iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Cases For Minimalists

We recently ran through a little list of the top five most weird iPhone cases, and while we had quite a bit of fun checking out the Banana Phone Case among other strange inventions, we’re now going to check out those slick, barely-there cases that protect without adding considerable bulk. If you’ve been reading our coverage here for some time, you’ll know that we’re big fans of minimalism, and if you wish to preserve your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus from scratches and such while also retaining the laudable form factor, then we’ve got yet another countdown just for you.

Slim Thin cases main

OEAGO Ultra Thin iPhone 6 Case


The OGEAGO Ultra Thin Case not only lives up to its name in its slender nature, but is also completely transparent, so you don’t lose any of the handset’s aesthetic charm for the sake of protection.

For $8.99 from Amazon, it’s also dirt cheap, and ships with a screen protector as well.

Yousave Accessories iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Case Ultra Thin Clear Silicone Gel Cover


Sticking with the budget products once more, the Yousave case is the cheapest of our roundup at just $6.89 from Amazon. Again bundled with a screen protector, the case is scarcely noticeable, and at a price point that any and all iPhone 6 / Plus owners should be able to handle, may save your device’s life if and when you drop it.

Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus


From the cheap to the pricey, the Peel range of thin skins for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners touts three different colors – black, gold and white – and each will set you back $24.99.

They all look rather charming, and while you may wish to match the case’s shade with your particular configuration of iPhone, there’s no reason why you cannot mix and match.

You can pick up the Peel Super Thin Case from:

Shumuri Slim Case for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus


Arriving in clear, gray, blue and pink, the Shumuri case will cost $18.99 if you’re an iPhone 6 owner, and one dollar more if you’re rocking the larger model.

As with each and every other case mentioned in this roundup, the Shumuri Case is very, very thin, adding only 0.35mm to overall thickness, and with a frosted texture and anti-scratch protection, covers all bases at a very reasonable price.

You can buy the case from:

Caudabe The Veil For iPhone 6 / 6 Plus


Completing our list is Caudabe’s The Veil case case, which, with its 0.35mm thinness, is just as svelte as the Shumuri. Indeed, for the cost of $14.95 (iPhone 6) or $15.95 (iPhone 6 Plus), you get a product that has been crafted with an equally laudable attention to detail and minimalism, although the trade-off is that color options are less varied.

There’s ‘Frost’, which is clear-ish, and ‘Wisp’, touting a darker finish, and if you’re looking for something that offers a premium look and feel without that premium financial outlay, be sure to check Caudabe out.

You can grab Caudabe’s The Veil case from:

So, that completes the roundup, but which will you pick? Or do you have a better suggestion for iPhone 6 casing? Should you feel that you have anything to add, please do pop a comment down below!

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