Tesla NACS Extension Cable Could Fix Supercharging Issues With Other EVs

Now that Tesla is allowing owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles to use its Supercharger network there is one issue that has started to crop up more and more.

While there are adapters to allow people to charge vehicles regardless of the charging port they sport, actually getting the vehicle into a position to be able to connect it is an issue.

The lack of a standard charging port location means that sometimes parking in a bay to charge means blocking others off, but Tesla might have a fix with an NACS to NACS extension cable as announced in an FAQ.

The issue of connecting vehicles to chargers is something Tesla is aware of and it’s currently recommending that people park between two bays if they have to. It also wants carmakers to decide on a standard for charging port placement, too.

Most Supercharger cables at NACS Supercharger sites should be able to reach your EV charge port, however, in some cases you might have to park over the line in order to charge comfortably. Avoid parking diagonally to reach the cable and try to obstruct as few charge posts as possible. Charge port locations vary by EV model, which requires cable sharing between adjacent stalls at many sites. Tesla is rapidly deploying our latest V4 Supercharger post which reaches all EVs in the same Supercharger stall. Additionally, we encourage all vehicle manufacturers to standardize charge port locations to the rear driver side or front passenger side.

The NACS to NACS extension cable will be available to buy in the future. Timing and pricing hasn’t been offered, but this will at least mean that getting the Supercharger’s power cable tor each won’t mean blocking off bays as is the case today.

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