Tech Deals: OnePlus 2, Doom For Xbox One/PS4, Rechargeable Battery For iPhone, More

If you happened to have woken up this morning, and wished that you had some kind of intelligent device that would assist with creating the perfect irrigation cycle for your precious garden, then today is indeed your lucky day.

If, however, like most of us, you really didn’t have that thought, but instead just want to browse through some excellent tech gadgets at low and discounted prices, then we have something for you with our today’s ‘tech deals of the day’ package.


Let’s start off with the ‘smart’ irrigation controller from Rachio, which lets you control those sprinklers in your lawn right from your iPhone, and can also be integrated with other home automation system’s such as Nest. Coming back to those of us who don’t care much for the that green patch in our life, we have the one-of-a-kind Doom game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. There are also two portable devices; a battery pack for your Lightning-enabled iOS device from PNY, which comes with a 2,200mAh battery capacity, and a 64GB USB flash drive from Lexar. Last but not the least, we have the second iteration of the “flagship killer” the OnePlus 2 Android smartphone as well.

All the deals listed here are a limited time offer, with most deals set to expire after a day or till stocks last. If there’s an item in here that you have your heart set on, act quickly before it’s too late. Ready? Here you go.

PNY Portable Rechargeable Battery for iPhone ($8.99, usually $19.99)


If you happen to be a medium to heavy user of your Apple iPhone, then the chances are that you’ve already considered purchasing a case or device that introduces additional battery. Apple may make fantastic devices, but the company hasn’t mastered the art of producing batteries that last longer than a day yet. This portable little Lightning-enabled PNY product offers a 2,200mAh battery that should be enough to provide a full charge to a single Apple device.

Buy: PNY Portable Rechargeable Battery for iPhone from Amazon: $8.99 | Original price: $20

Smartphone-Controllable Irrigation Controller – Refurb ($94.99, usually $234.30)


When we think about home automation and connected products, we automatically think about lights, smart thermostats, and devices that control electronics in the home. What we don’t often consider are those specific connected pieces of kit that are designed to bring intelligence to the garden or areas outside of the house. The IRO irrigation controller can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi to use the power of the internet to adjust a garden’s watering schedule based on weather, seasonality, zone-type, and regional characteristics. It is also smartphone-controllable and “Integrates with NEST, Wink, Control4, IFTTT and other top tier home automation systems for expanded functionality.”

Buy: Rachio Smartphone-Controllable Irrigation Controller from Amazon: $94.99 | Original price: $234

Lexar JumpDrive 64GB USB Flash Drive ($13.99, usually $18.99)


If you’re looking for somewhere to store those secret files and documents, but really don’t need a whopping 128 or 256GB, and therefore don’t need to part with that type of money, then you’re going to want to seriously consider this Lexar 64GB option. It’s Mac and Windows compatible, offers a decent 64GB of capacity, looks good and won’t break the bank.

Buy: Lexar JumpDrive 64GB USB Flash Drive from Amazon: $13.99 | Original price: $19

OnePlus 2 Unlocked Smartphone, 64GB, Sandstone Black ($269.99, usually $299.99)


This one may require you to part with $270 in order to own it, but it is a flagship-quality smartphone that’s unlocked to work with any network. Additionally, the OnePlus 2 offers 64GB of storage, a “best-in class” 13MP camera, as well as OnePlus’ OxygenOS running as default which is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.

Buy: OnePlus 2 Unlocked Smartphone, 64GB, Sandstone Black from Amazon: $269.99 | Original price: $300

Doom for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ($29.99, usually $59.99)


Some of you may think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when you think of Doom, but before it was a terrible Hollywood movie, it was an amazing, action-packed video game for various platforms. If you want to cleanse yourself of the tripe that Hollywood produced, then sit back in your chair, get this latest version of the game and be prepared to fend off waves and waves of Hell’s raging demons as you fight for the existence of humanity.

Buy: Doom for PS4 from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $60
Buy: Doom for Xbox One from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $60

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