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Designer Umang Dokey has come up with an awesome looking prototype concept of an Tablet (Slate PC) which runs on top of Windows Phone 7. With an 8’’ screen, foldable keyboard, built-in table stand and a finger friendly OS, this is what HP Slate should have been like right from the start. Video after the jump.

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Today in a major breakthrough, Microsoft’s Eric Rudder, while speaking at Tech-Ed Middle East, gave a fantastic demonstration of a game developed in the new Visual Studio 2010 as a singular project, that runs on multiple platforms. It can be played on Windows 7 based PC with a keyboard, on a Windows Phone 7 Series prototype device with accelerometer and touch controls, and on the Xbox 360 with gamepad. Amazing, isn’t it? One same game, running on three different screens, on three different platforms. There is also no reason why Zune wont chip-in to these sometime in near future.

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Here is a head to head comparison between the Google phones powered by Android OS with the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series devices. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the next generation of Windows phones called the Windows Phone 7 Series in his keynote address at the Mobile World Congress 2010. Windows Phone 7 Series refers to the next-generation Windows phones running Windows Phone OS 7.0.

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