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The wait for a complete Windows 7 theme for Windows Mobile is over! Alkhan – a member of DeviantArt has created a stunning looking theme that will make your Windows Mobile phone act and look like Windows 7. As you can see in the screenshots below, the desktop, the appearance of the gadgets, the behavior of the Start menu, the icons on the taskbar etc are all about the same as the one’s seen in Windows 7. It is a cool looking theme which, unlike others, has almost the same look and feel plus the features of Windows 7 (I love the glassy aero effect!)

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Do you want to pimp your Windows Mobile phone to make its interface look like HTC Sense UI from HTC Hero? RyomaHino of XDA-Developers has built an attractive looking theme for Windows Mobile phones which will give it a complete new look and feel of the upcoming HTC Hero!

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Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced back at Mobile World Conference which was held earlier in 2009 and it promises to bring the much needed added functionality to the software giant’s mobile platform when it arrives this autumn.

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