Download Windows Mobile 6.5 Designer Themes

Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced back at Mobile World Conference which was held earlier in 2009 and it promises to bring the much needed added functionality to the software giant’s mobile platform when it arrives this autumn. The 6.5 version could be more viewed as an interim solution to tide things up until the arrival of the eagerly anticipated and major upgrade called Windows Mobile 7.

You might have read or heard about the new designer themes which are going to be bundled with Windows Mobile 6.5. These themes are already included in leaked ROMs starting from Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21202 and onwards.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Designer Themes

You can download Windows Mobile 6.5 designer themes from the links given below:
(Posted in the order of the screenshot above – From left to right)

Download Links:
Ron Arad (Orange)
Vera Wang (Red)
Rock and Republic (Black)
Classic (Blue)
DVF (Green)
Isaac Misrahi (Purple)

Installation Instructions:
i. Download & Install the cabinet file first.
ii. Copy the .tsk (theme file) files to your Windows directory.
iii. Select your desired theme from Start->Settings->Personal->Today.

These designer themes will only work on Windows Mobile 6.5.