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It was just April of this year when we first started hearing about an affordable Hackintosh-capable touch-screen Tablet called the Axon Haptic. Today, it is a reality and you’ll be able to pre-order it this week for $750, oh and did I tell you that it runs Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux – all in one!

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After HP pulled the plug on Slate PC, we knew someone else would hitch a ride to bring Windows 7 powered tablet PCs back on track. Though ExoPC took an initiative, but ASUS has jumped on this bandwagon with a bang with their Eee Pad which boasts an Intel CULV processor, an amazing 10 hour battery life with Windows 7 on top!

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We were really willing to see the HP Slate PC in action but sadly HP pulled the plug on it, stating that Intel’s hardware is power hungry and Microsoft’s Windows 7 is not a good Tablet PC operating system. But now, ExoPC has come up with a similar Slate PC, that runs Windows 7 and does 1080p videos.

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