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Yahoo’s Weather app came as a bit of a surprise when it first hit the App Store back in April. The surprise wasn’t so much in the fact that the app had arrived, as we’d been expecting it for a good while beforehand, but what we weren’t anticipating, was how gorgeous and refined these weather apps would be. For many iOS users, Yahoo Weather has become their go-to utility for checking precipitation, temperature, wind speed and whatnot, and now, the company has pushed out a significant update that brings support for the Apple iPad.

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A few months back, Yahoo! hopped out of the wilderness to deliver a rather stunning weather app for Apple’s iPhone, and in fact, the iOS 7 weather app appears to have borrowed one or two design cues from it. Naturally, many Android users have been wondering whether the updated app would would be making its way to the Google Play Store any time soon, and if you happen to be one of those individuals, your wait is officially over. The new Yahoo! Weather app is now available for Android, and as ever, it’s free of charge. Details, as well as that all-important download link, can be found after the leap!

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Some iOS users are immediately ready to embrace the new look and feel of iOS 7, whereas others are vocally not that keen on the new direction that Sir Jony Ive and his team have taken. Still, public opinion will always be split over things like this, so the best we can do is extract the positives that the majority of us can agree on. When it comes to the changes, it seems pretty universally agreed that Apple has a winner with their new native Weather app, with iPhone and iPod touch users running iOS 6.0+ now able to enjoy a similar experience thanks to Aero by Robert Paul Neagru.

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