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In a move that will seem amazing to anyone living outside the United States, Visa has today announced that it will eliminate the requirement for a signature for EMV payments beginning this April.

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Researchers have found out how easy it is to steal VISA credit or debit card info. The UK-based team behind the discovery have found that information such as the debit or credit card number, expiry date, and security code can be accessed in as little as six seconds via a security vulnerability in VISA’s online payment system.

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Visa’s very own NFC software is about to hit the mobile market, and with Visa being a well-established, world-recognized brand, it’s no surprise to see the company has found a mutually beneficial deal with Samsung to implement the software into a fleet of Samsung smartphones. First up for some Visa NFC treatment will be the eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S IV, which is set for announcement in New York next month, on March 14th.

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