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Here are the US airports with the best Internet WiFi download and upload speeds for travelers ranked, from best to worst.

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When it comes to testing the speed of one’s internet connection, few do it better than for obvious reasons. The site has long since been a portal for providing accurate speed tests, and in more recent times, its mobile app has helped those on-the-fly to detect the speed of their cellular data or connected hotspot. Today, the iOS app has been given a significant update, and as well as belated support and optimization for Apple’s iPhone 5, there’s now the option to remove the ads by means of a 99 cent in-app purchase. Details, as well as the download link, are coming up right after the break.

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Because of the fact that we live in such a connected world with our digital devices, and we do a great deal of our work and communication courtesy of an internet connection, the ability to test that connection and check various characteristics of it has become so vitally important. It’s also equally important to see if our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are living up to their promises and giving us what we pay for. Windows Phone 8 users can now see how their internet and cellular connection is performing directly from their devices thanks to the official release of the experience on the Windows Phone Store.

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