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This is starting to look like one of those classic cat and mouse games that passionate hackers and manufacturers often like to play: Sony keeps patching holes in its firmware that allow jailbreaking, while the jailbreaking community finds new ones to thwart Sony’s plans.

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Few days ago we reported about a new USB Modchip called PS Jailbreak for PlayStation 3 which enables you to dump games off original discs on the internal or any external drive connected to PS3. Spanish site Elotrolado has a full blown review, along with instructions on how you can use it to create backups of your PS3 games. This of course proves that PS Jailbreak works for real.

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The father of iPhone Jailbreak who first unlocked the original iPhone back in 2007, followed by unlocking iPhone 3GS last year and the person who was responsible for blackra1n and blacksn0w tools has finally released the exploit for hacking PS3. In a blog post today, he explained that the PS3 exploit which he has released “gives full memory access and therefore ring 0 access from OtherOS”.

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