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The final version of Silverlight 4 has been released today for Windows and Mac OS X. The RTW (Release to Web) version of Silverlight 4 can be downloaded today for the said mentioned platforms to view and create RIA apps. Also released today are Silverlight 4 Tools RC for Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend 4 RC and Silverlight 4 Toolkit April 2010 Release.

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Microsoft today at the MIX10 conference has rolled out Release Candidate version of Silverlight 4, along with tons of other tools like Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7 Series add-in to use with Visual Studio 2010 RC, XNA Game Studio 4.0, Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator for application testing, and Expression Blend for Windows Phone Community Technology Preview. It was announced by Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of the .NET Developer Platform in his keynote today at MIX10, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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Microsoft has just released Silverlight 4 based facebook client for both Windows and Mac OS X. Back in April last year, Microsoft showed off a proof of concept facebook client which was made using facebook’s Open Stream API on Silverlight but unfortunately that never saw the light of the day. After a long wait, they have finally released a fully working client for users running Windows and OS X – with full capability to run it out-of-the-browser.

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