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The handy little Dash Button was an interesting idea by Amazon. You know, the physical little button which could be linked to a specific product that allowed users to place an order of that product with a single push? Great idea, but not really practical for those that may want to have a number of them in the home for products which are consumed quickly and need to be replaced regularly.

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Apple has just published its 2016 holiday gift guide ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Here are the details.

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If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s Kinect technology, you were probably amazed the first time you saw it, since its motion tracking accuracy looks like it’s been taken straight out of a science fiction movie. That said, having such an awesome technology restricted to just gaming would be quite a waste: that’s why Razorfish, a company that designs creative user experiences, has applied it to shopping. Say hello to KinectShop!

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