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No sooner is a device released boasting new and exclusive software features, than is its carcass picked at by the ravenous Android community, and said treasures are subsequently ported to the scrambling masses. The HTC One M8, which, even in the fast-moving world of the smartphone, is still brand new, offers the nicely-revamped Sense 6 launcher, which, created by HTC, is supposed to serve only devices bearing the Taiwanese company’s logo. However, “exclusivity” is simply not in the language of any respectably Android fan, and thus, it should come as little surprise that Sense 6 is well on its way to being ported to the Google-made Nexus 5.

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The next-gen HTC One is scheduled to be announced by the Taiwanese company later on today, and in anticipation of the launch, some of the new Sense 6 apps have just been released to the Google Play Store. Further details can be seen right after the break!

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Even though Google’s Android is used by a multitude of popular OEMs in the marketplace, seldom does a device release without a few software tweaks from both carrier and vendor. While Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has Sense, and after the Big Sense 5 update accompanying last year’s release of the HTC One, the Taiwanese company’s soon-to-announce flagship will pack the much-improved Sense 6. Thanks to a leak, we can now take a closer look at Sense 6 running on HTC’s current high-end handset, and by the looks of things, plenty of enhancements have been made.

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