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Apple hasn’t even managed to get the iPhone 6 out the door yet, but Samsung has already begun poking fun at not just the phone, but those lining up to buy one, too.

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Whenever Samsung launches or releases a new device, one of its first ports of call is to take a swipe at Apple, and with the Galaxy S4 currently making its way to numerous markets around the world, it should be of little surprise to see the U.S. arm of the Korean company deliver another not-very-devastating blow to its Cupertino rival. This latest ad, entitled ‘Grad Pool Party,’ sees scores of Galaxy S4 fans nonchalantly showing off some of the device’s snazzy features like Air Gestures, and when the iPhone 5 users ask whether they can get in on the act, they are, of course, rebuffed. Check out the video after the break, you really don’t want to miss this!

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