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One of Apple’s most useful, but often overlooked, in-house app has today received a substantial update. When Apple first launched the App Store, their own Remote app was one of the few apps that really provided any kind of innovative solution for music control. In the time that has followed; a number of third-party developers have released extremely powerful creations that offer the same functionality plus a little bit more thrown in for good measure. Remote for iOS has been allowed to fall a little bit behind the times but all that has been rectified with this big v4.0 update.

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Apple is carving themselves a name recently as the company who delivers hardware and software to consumers in bunches rather than releasing things in dribs and drabs, which is something that has been evident with the recent iPhone and iPod releases as well as the two new iPads and new range of Macs. It should be common knowledge by now that the eagerly anticipated iTunes 11 has officially been released to the public and Apple have continued the multiple release trend by pushing up version 3.0 of their extremely popular Remote iOS app that lives on the App Store.

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