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The demise of Google Reader brought with it a fair amount of unhappy mojo within the technology industry. A number of extremely popular and favored RSS readers and apps were forced to withdraw their support for the service, which in some cases left the software in a position where it either needed to reinvent itself or simply fall into the RSS abyss. Silvio Rizzi’s Reeder app was always considered to be one of the best feed readers around, meaning that there was no way the developer would let his creation wither and die. The next-generation of the Reeder app is now available on the App Store and it’s better than ever in its post Google Reader state.

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With Google having confirmed its intention to cease operation of Google Reader (in spite of hundreds of thousands of petition signatories pleading them to reconsider), Reeder has found itself looking a little bit lost. The app’s creator Silvio Rizzi has spent the past couple of weeks trying to assure users of the popular app that it wouldn’t “die with Google Reader,” but with Rizzi himself lining up one or two projects in the same field, many still suspect the service is about to be culled, the outlook is bleak. On a brighter note, as of today, Reeder for Mac and iPad is free of charge, and we’ve got the details and download links coming right up after the break.

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When I jumped onto the iOS bandwagon a couple of months ago, I was unanimously directed towards Reeder when I asked fellow enthusiasts for the best RSS reader on the platform. Being the news junkie that I am, Reeder was the first app I bought as soon as I set up my App Store account. I fell in love in the app at first sight! It’s user-experience is absolutely fantastic! So fantastic, as a matter of fact, that I now prefer going through my RSS feeds on the iPhone with Reeder than on my desktop computer with Google Reader.

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