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When Apple released their iTunes integrated Ping service back in September 2010, it kind of looked to me like as they had just come out of some corporate buzz meeting where social networks were the topic of discussion. Not wanting to be left out of the social circle, I get the impression that Apple threw a couple of engineers into a room and told them to make iTunes a more socially capable beast, eventually giving birth to what we know as iTunes Ping.

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Few could argue that Apple’s failed attempt at making music social had much merit. Ping, for starters, was an awful name, and was a little too close to another semi-failed social app, Of course, it was only the likes of us geeks that knew that, but that’s besides the point.

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Apple has just released iTunes 10.0.1 for both Windows and Mac. This version brings a new sidebar for Ping in iTunes which makes it easier to share your favorite music with friends and family, along with tons of other bug fixes. Full change log is as follows.

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