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Amazon has been forced to proactively reset an unknown number of customer account passwords without their knowledge after what might be a massive password leak.

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The recent wave of data breaches on a number of popular sites and Web service providers should definitely be a cause for concern to most users. Malicious attacks on the likes of Yahoo!, Facebook and Adobe should act as a catalyst for us to review our current account setup and make changes accordingly to improve the strength of passwords, even if your data wasn’t amongst the batch that was compromised in any of the attacks. Microsoft Research is well aware that password strength is one of the most vital components in combating such breaches, and as such has created the Telephathwords tool to try and guess the next character of a password based on a large database and complex query patterns.

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Daniel Amitay has developed an iPhone security App known as Big Brother Camera Security, which relies on the simple concept of capturing a picture of anyone who enters the wrong passcode when unlocking the device. Weirdly enough, the app also tracks passcodes (on an anonymous basis of course) for statistical purposes, which led Amitay to write a rather amusing blog post with the top 10 most used passcodes. And yes, the most used one is 1234, how did you guess?

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