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If you bought a PC with a DVD drive between 2003 and 2008, you can claim $10 per drive following a class action lawsuit in which it has been deemed that a number of DVD drive manufacturers colluded in order to ensure prices stayed high.

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The world of tablets is certainly evolving at an unprecedented rate, and what better place to catch a glimpse of the future of the tablet market, than the Consumer Electronics Show? Panasonic has wowed onlookers by unveiling a stunning 4K Windows 8 tablet at CES 2013, and the guys over at TheVerge have had the privilege of a little hands-on. Packing a 20-inch display, it’s said to be aimed primarily at photography aficionados, while an included optical stylus permits the user to smoothly operate Windows 8 and make precise alterations to photos.

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Panasonic has announced a new line-up of “Let’s Go” notebooks and amongst them is a netbook “Let’s Note”, sporting the new Intel Core i7 processor. The netbook in question boasts of a 1.20GHz Intel Core i7-650UM vPro processor with a 10.4-inch (1024 x 768) display. Intel’s Atom chip is the standard stuff that is showing around all over as the driving CPU of the 10.1 inches netbooks these days like the Dell Mini and HP Mini, so to have a netbook with Core i7 is surely an amazing thing for this form factor.

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