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In past, we have seen iPhone being made to use in situations such as driving vehicles, controlling robots and so much more, but none a special than launching a missile. Yes, a small group of students have managed to control a missile through their iPhone that commands and controls a small rocket launcher in pre and post firing conditions. They designed an app for iPhone and created a system for the launcher by running customized version of Windows CE 6 on eBox 2300, on which the orientation, deviation and firing control of missile was possible using the iPhone.

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There are times when you are sitting in your office and totally committed to your work, you hardly get a chance or even a thought to leave your seat and go to the nearest window to have a look on how the weather is like. This is where Outside App steps in! It brings to you a very nice looking graphical representation of outside world, and in process showing you the real time weather conditions right on your iPhone. Here is a quick glimpse on how the app looks like on the iPhone.

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