Outside Weather App for iPhone Is Prettier than Real Outside

We have been updating you on all the latest apps for iPhone that are added every other day on the iTunes App Store. We have covered different weather apps for the iPhone as well. But this weather app for iPhone is special.

Outside Weather App

There are times when you are sitting in your office and totally committed to your work, you hardly get a chance or even a thought to leave your seat and go to the nearest window to have a look on how the weather is like. This is where Outside App steps in! It brings to you a very nice looking graphical representation of outside world, and in process showing you the real time weather conditions right on your iPhone. Here is a quick glimpse on how the app looks like on the iPhone:

Features of Outside includes:

  • Swipe through a unique interface which is both easy and fun to use.
  • Custom Push Notifications let you setup and receive your own alerts.
  • Current Weather will give you detailed information about the weather right now.
  • Local Weather Forecasts from around the world.
  • Supports both US (Fahrenheit) and Metric (Celsius) systems.
  • Use your GPS or easily search to change your location.

Outside Weather App for iPhone

To get real-time weather notifications from ‘Outside’, you will have to subscribe. You could use it for weather conditions at no extra charge, but you only get 30 days worth of notifications. If you want it beyond that, you will have to pay $0.99 for every 90 days worth of notifications. For the basic features in app, you pay $2.99, and then for the notifications of up to an year, you pay $4.00 more. That makes it around $7.00 for the first year alone which could be a bit too much for a weather forecasting app, which otherwise is available free of cost through various other apps. The price factor may contribute to putting some of you off, but it’s still worth trying for a quarter or so, at least.

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Download Outside App from App Store [iTunes Link]