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There are times when you are sitting in your office and totally committed to your work, you hardly get a chance or even a thought to leave your seat and go to the nearest window to have a look on how the weather is like. This is where Outside App steps in! It brings to you a very nice looking graphical representation of outside world, and in process showing you the real time weather conditions right on your iPhone. Here is a quick glimpse on how the app looks like on the iPhone.

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If you were looking to get HTC Sense like weather app for your iPhone and iPod touch, then look no further than World Weather app by TAPTAP Mobile. This app has by far the best animation and graphics for a weather app, and it works very smoothly on iPhone 3GS. The UI totally sets it apart from all the weather apps available on the iPhone.

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Did you ever got jealous of your friends with HTC HD2 which has this beautiful animated weather background which changes automatically with real weather forecast? Comes in Let It Snow Widget theme which brings snowy animation background right on your iPhone and iPod touch screen. The main purpose of this theme is to display snowflakes which falls on the home screen right behind all the icons. The overall effect is really nice as can be seen in the screenshot below.

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