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Although the big news today from Apple is the release of iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, the Cupertino company has also taken the opportunity to release an update to OS X Mountain Lion, which moves up to 10.8.2. Given that the desktop department of Apple’s two main operating systems now borrows many features of iOS, these simultaneous releases should be expected, and if you have upgraded to Mountain Lion, this is an update you most certainly won’t want to miss.

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Scarcely does a major software update release without bringing problems for at least some users, and whilst not everybody would consider OS X Mountain Lion as “major,” it certainly presented many MacBook users with something of a headache.

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Following hot on the footsteps of the official OS X 10.8.1 release to the public via the Mac App Store today, Apple has now pushed out the first developer seed of OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion to registered developers on the Mac Dev Center. Build number 12C31a is now available to download through the official Mac Dev Center for those who are registered, a release that will see developers acting as guinea pigs for us all in order to report and iron out any bugs that may exist.

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