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UK fans of Samsung’s Galaxy S III now have two more handsets to choose from, with the popular handset available in two new limited edition guises that take advantage of the company’s London 2012 Olympic sponsorship.

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The Olympic Games, held in London, England this year, will certainly be the highlight of the sporting calendar. Despite Wimbledon, EURO 2012 and many other big sporting events currently in full flow, none will quite live up to the glorious, diverse, and immensely entertaining Olympics. Living in London, the media has talked about little else over the past year, and as exciting as it is for us on a national level, most of the world will – in one event or another – be tuned in to a chunk of the coverage.

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It wasn’t merely coincidence that Samsung opted to launch its eagerly-awaited Galaxy S III device in London earlier this month, since it’s a major sponsor of the Olympic Games, and as you’re most probably aware, London is 2012’s hosting city. The device will likely be pushed into the faces of those tuning in to watch the events, and even though there a couple of months still to go before the opening ceremony, the Korean electronics company has already kicked things off by offering free Olympic tickets to the first 50 owners of its flagship device.

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