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Two weeks ago, some preliminary information and screenshots of the Office 15 Technical Preview build surfaced on The Verge. Today, they have followed up with additional information, this time providing a quick rundown of some of the new features that have been implemented in ‘main’ Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – thus far. While Microsoft has mainly remained quiet about what’s coming in Office 15, as it is a Technical Preview build – which is passed to OEMs, partners, and select testers – leaks should come as no surprise, and should even be expected in some cases.

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Once upon a time it was all about Microsoft. When you thought about technology companies, mentioned enterprise software or even talked about an operating system, Microsoft was the name that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. With the recent rise from the ashes of Apple Inc., times have changed a little and suddenly the Redmond company don’t have it all their own way. It is worth noting though, that the company is still producing quality software which mixes innovation with functionality and that doesn’t look like it is about to change anytime soon with the latest announcement from the Office team.

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If you have been reading the Windows 8 coverage at all, you probably already know about the Metro UI of the Windows 8, flattened and tiled look, which has its basis in the Windows Phone 7.

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