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Nintendo has announced Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition gaming console. It will cost $59.99 and will ship this coming fall.

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8Bitdo’s NES30 is not going to win any prizes or any fans based purely on its name, but let’s be honest, no-one is really going to care about what this thing is called. It is however likely to garner a lot of attention and immediate love from hardcore old-school gamers who absolutely loved the look and feel of Nintendo’s NES gaming controllers from back in the day. This particular gadget may have been built with the modern world and mobile gaming in mind, but it stays true to the original design by offering that “same NES touch, same NES feeling”.

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There’s not much more boring when it comes to iOS devices, or indeed any smartphone or tablet, than having to enter a PIN code to unlock them. Unfortunately, for some at least, they can be a necessary evil. Whether it be to stop work colleagues from posting vaguely humorous comments to Facebook, or to make sure that your company’s secrets are safe, PIN codes can often be one of the most important security measures at our disposal.

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