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The are a number of rumored reports around the web, suggesting a possible announcement of Microsoft Courier Tablet like Slate tablet PC tonight during Steve Ballmer’s opening keynote at 2010 CES. If this happens, then we could very well have a Slate/Tablet PC, running Microsoft software well ahead of Apple’s rumored iSlate/Tablet, which is expected to be unveiled on January 27th, in Apple’s mega event to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

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Multi-touch functionality has been continuously attracting consumers attention for the last two years or so. We are now not too far from the day when multi-touch-capable tablets and desktops will become a standard part of our daily lives. The PC market is preparing for this paradigm shift, as Microsoft ships the much-awaited Windows 7 to the masses on October 22nd. Among many of its attractive features, the ability to use two (or more) fingers as input mechanism (multi-touch) in my opinion stands out for re-coursing the shape of personal computing in the near future.

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Gizmodo today took the wraps off the new “secret” Tablet PC concept that Microsoft has been working on. Currently called as Courier, it boasts off dual 7-inch multitouch capable screens which is designed to work with both multiple fingers-input and stylus.

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